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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A.O.T.M (June)- Deadlines And Diamonds

Deadlines and Diamonds
Sacramento, California

The Members

Laura- Vocals
Shane- Vocals
Phil- Guitar
Daniel- Bass
Kori- Guitar
Namor- Drums

The Sound

 Deadlines and Diamonds compare themselves to A Day To Remember which is fair in many aspects. However, a more accurate comparison would probably be a mix of Evanescence and Asking Alexandria with the vocals reminiscent of Evanescence and the instrumentals comparable to those of Asking Alexandria.

Deadlines & Diamonds.
The Review

 Deadlines and Diamonds has released several solid songs that showcase their true ability. In what has become a watered down genre, Deadlines and Diamonds has set themselves apart due to their powerful vocals evident in each song. The clean vocals are complimented quite nicely with the screams. "I Created A Monster" has quickly become one of my favourites due to incredible lyrics that are easy to relate to and the fact that it flows so smoothly with no dead spots evident in the song. Another stand out is "Marionettes". Incredible lyrics and vocals coupled with amazingly effective instrumentals make "Marionettes" a true pleasure to listen to. It is hard to find a song that is not well put together by the band, even their cover of "Blow" by Ke$ha draws no complaints from me.

The Bottom Line

 Deadlines and Diamonds is a special band in that they are strong from all aspects which makes for an outstanding listen. I look forward to the release of their debut EP, sure to be solid, and any future releases from them because they have the talent to keep making music for a long time to come.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Fallows- A Review

 The Fallows are an indie/folk/rock band from Coventry, England. The four piece group, formed in 2010, has been busy entertaining many a crowd with their addictive and catchy sound. Following the success of their debut EP "We Are The Hunted", the band released their first full length album, "Face The Wolves" early this year and will be playing many more shows over the coming months.

"Face The Wolves" Album Cover.
 "Face The Wolves" is a ten song album that blends several different genres, most notably rock and folk, together. This creates an interesting listen that captivates the audience and draws you in. The first song, "We Are The Hunted" is a powerful song but I believe that the next song, "When The Sun Goes Down", is even more captivating. Stand outs from the album include "One By One", which is perhaps one of the more emotionally felt songs on the album and "Break My Bones", which is easily the most catchy song and really helps to add another angle to the album. This album is full of variety and that continues with "Annecy". This song feels like more of a country song then anything else. "It's Not Over" is a beautiful way to end the album, full of heartfelt lyrics coupled with instrumentals that compliment the vocals quite nicely. A well rounded album, "Face The Wolves" has something for everyone and enough variety to keep it from getting stale.

 The Fallows never seem to slow down. They will be busy touring this summer and if you get a chance to go see them, do it, I have heard many good things about their live performances. "Face The Wolves" is a very well done debut album and I look forward to hearing what the band comes out with next. I highly recommend you check out their album on iTunes or their website as it is worth a listen. I wish the best of luck to The Fallows in whatever they do and look forward to watching them continue to grow and progress.

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Interview with Mike Luno Band

How did the band members meet?

When I lived in Victoria, bassist David Augustin and I got keen to form a band in 1996. Dave found the missing band members- including drummer Curtis Leippi, who was playing in a local cover band called Star 69 at that time. Dave was knocked out by Curtis' drumming, and recommended him for the band. I've been playing with Curtis ever since. Our current go-to bassists, Kirby Green and Scott Tucker, were both recommended to us late last year by musicians whose opinions we hugely respect. Both bassists are incredible musicians.

How did you decide on a band name?

Mike Luno Band.
Through much argument! When I first started working with Curtis, Dave came up with the name 'Victoria Secret' for the band. That was always good for a laugh. When we had a change of singers, style, and repertoire years later, we switched to 'Devil You Don't'. We stuck with that name for a while perhaps because no one hated it enough to give it an outright veto, but no one missed it when we switched again years later. Curtis recommended that we just use my name rather than a band name per se so that there might be a natural listener interest more in the songwriting and musical performance than in a band image. I was a little leery as I prefer a democratic band that allows a lot of input from all members; as a solo artist, I worried my band may be less likely to take ownership of the music. Still, I saw the logic in the MLB idea. I just altered the Ukrainian spelling of my last name a little to avoid mispronunciation. I don't even know for certain if I'm pronouncing it correctly!

What drives you to make music?

Great musical moments are deeply invigorating, powerful and addictive. This is true for live performance and songwriting. The writing can also be quite cathartic.

Who are some of your major influences?

This question often stupefies me because I never know where to begin or end! In trying to keep it to an even dozen: Dave Matthews Band, Screaming Headless Torsos, Sting/Police, Daniel Lanois, Neil Finn, Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, Frederick Chopin, Allan Holdsworth, J.S. Bach. I suspect Curtis would want to toss in Chick Corea, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dream Theater and Buddy Rich, at the very least

What do you hope people take away from your music?

I'd hope to grab listeners instantly with the groove, a lyric or melodic idea, and hold them there long enough for the stuff that isn't instantly apparent to wash over them...and finally, for the music and lyrics to keep returning to mind the way a good book, movie or poem might. Leave the listener uplifted, yet provoked to question and ponder. Ultimately moved. Piece o cake, right? ;)

Mike Luno Band.

What is your favourite song you have written and why?

Excruciating question! Disallowing yet-unreleased tunes and ignoring such factors as whether the tune is fun to play live - keeping it to just the meat of the songwriting and arrangement - I'd lean toward 'Heart Beat Up'. It has no bass, a very unusually minimalist yet effective drum part, some chord changes you're not otherwise likely to hear in pop music, and the lyric was about as heartfelt yet entertainingly bitter as I can manage. Because of the weirdly sparse arrangement, it seems to grab listeners' attention quickly, relative to much of our other material.

Where can people buy your music?

Finally, is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

Melissa Ratcliff and her amazing Simon Fraser University Choir; Crying Sky Studios, Vancouver; Indie Pool, Toronto; Bruce Gerrish and Vancouver City Limits; and all the local clubs that support live music, in particular original live music - and in extra-particular the Princeton and the Cobalt.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Wing And Hollow- A Review

Wing And Hollow.
Wing And Hollow is an indie-folk duo based out of Los Angeles, California. Consisting of a husband and wife team, Wing And Hollow effectively plays to their strengths, stunning vocals and complimentary mellow melodies, which makes them so successful.

Their first release, “Frozen Trees” was nothing short of a masterpiece. Coupling the cornerstones of folk music while adding their own unique twist makes this album that much more enjoyable. The first two songs, “Frozen Trees” and Shadow Man” are, perhaps, the most complete songs on the album as Jill’s vocals and Haven’s instrumentals combine to create the perfect example of traditional folk with a modern twist. Later on in the album we are introduced to the harmonica. On “Lock It Away”, this is used perfectly to fill gaps that otherwise may have been lacking in substance. My personal favourite from the album is “On Goes The Air” as I believe this song is their most emotionally driven on the album. Wing And Hollow’s signatures, powerful vocals and genius melodies that help their music flow so well make “Frozen Trees” a worthwhile listen and a solid first release that you don’t often see.

Wing And Hollow.
This was followed with their recently released EP, “North Of Nowhere”, which takes everything that made “Frozen Trees” so successful and add another layer of depth to that. The guitar is still the main instrument present on the record but they have added the use of drums to help flesh out the music. Every band evolves and Wing And Hollow is no different. There are two songs that really showcase this shift, “Look Out Below” and “Not Alone”. Both of these songs still have that unique spin that sets Wing And Hollow apart from the crowd. My personal favourite from the album is “Keep It In The Dark” because it is the perfect transition between the two albums. “North Of Nowhere” is another solid release by Wing And Hollow and definitely worth your time.

Wing And Hollow’s relaxing and soothing music is a worthwhile addition to any collection. I hope they continue to make music as they have the talent and the passion that is needed to succeed. Both “Frozen Trees” and “North Of Nowhere” were great albums and I hope you get a chance to listen to them. I wish them all the best and look forward to hearing more from them in the future!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lily Brooke- A Review

Lily Brooke
 Lily Brooke is a 14 year old singer/pianist from Newcastle, Britain. At such a young age, she has already proved herself in the music industry. She has already developed and recorded several songs that demonstrate both her talent on the piano and vocals that are quite strong and empowering for someone her age. Lily Brooke uses the piano to create the perfect compliment to go with her voice. She has already developed quite the fan base (close to 5,000 Twitter followers) and is gaining new fans every day.

 The first song I heard by Lily Brooke was “Eclipse”, a song that demonstrates her maturity through both the lyrics and mellow melody. Both of these tend to be her strong points and are echoed throughout most of her music. My two personal favourites by Lily Brooke are “As Days Go By” and “Until We Meet Again”. These two songs showcase her true talents vocally and lyrically. It is hard to pinpoint any one thing that she should work on as Lily Brooke is already quite well rounded, something that is generally not seen for someone so young.

 However, there is some room for growth and being such a young artist, this should come naturally with time. As mentioned previously, Lily Brooke has some stunning, powerful vocals that will only continue to be more empowering as her musical career goes on. I look forward to seeing how Lily Brooke’s music continues to evolve. I can easily see her making it big in this business and truly believe she has what it takes to succeed.

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Listen to her music:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Whitemoor- A Review

 Whitemoor, formed in April 2009, is generally classified as an indie or alternative band however their style fits into a number of different genres. The five-piece group formed from the ashes of three different bands, Ejectorseat, You-V-Me and The Beau Peepshow. The band signed with Sound-Hub Records in 2010. In January of 2011, Whitemoor released their self titled, debut album.

  From the very first song, “Three Words”, you can already see them starting to develop their unique sound that has long since been the bands signature. For the most part, you can hear the emotion that they pour into their songs, most notably on vocals which are reminiscent of Kings Of Leon but with a more raw edge to them. This adds another layer of depth to the talent that Whitemoor possess. It is hard to pick out a song or two that isn’t up to par with the rest due to the fact that every single song on the album is perfectly polished and adds to the fullness of the album. Standouts include “Artefacts” and “At The Crescendo”. “Artefacts” has outstanding lyrics that are easy to relate to and a catchy upbeat sound that never gets old. “At The Crescendo” is the song that sounds the most unique when compared to the others on the album. It is a great song and helps to break up the album.

Whitemoor album cover.
  Whitemoor is due to release their second album this summer through Sound-Hub Records and is sure to follow the success of their debut album. In the three years that they have been together, Whitemoor has already found the success that many bands can only dream of. They have received all sorts of praise from their first album and it is easy to see why. I look forward to seeing how the second album turns out in addition to future releases. If you get a chance to go see them live, do it, I have heard nothing but positives about the bands live shows. I wish Whitemoor all the best and hope that they stick around for many years to come.

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Interview with The Spade

How did the band members meet?

  The Spade was created in 2008 in Paris. The band was originally composed of Alex Kobs on the drums, Ben "Rudy" Flatstone on the bass, Clay Gombert on the guitar and Virgil MacBryde on the guitar and lead vocals. This formation toured the Paris clubs and concert halls for about a year, gaining some recognition and reaching the finals of the French national battle of the Bands: Emergenza. In 2010, after a 5 month break, MacBryde approached William Watkins with a project for a concept album. MacBryde and Watkins started composition of project JMT (The Journey Of A Modern Tribesman).

  In September of the same year, Watkins officially became a member of The Spade, assuring lead guitar alongside Clement Gombert. In October 2010 MacBryde & Watkins both left for the UK where they met French theater comedian Jay Carnero and comics illustrator Tim TravĂ©, who would later do some artwork work for the band, both of whom they befriended. In February 2011 Jay Carnero effectively became the band's bass player around the same time Clay Gombert left the band due to musical differences.

How did you decide on a band name?

 The band used to be named "The Tings", however another British band with a similar name was getting bigger and bigger. Hence, the name of the band had to be changed, to not be confused with the Ting Tings. The four band members: Virgil, Ben, Alex, and Clem came together to find a new name. Virgil picked the longest straw and TheSpade was born.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
The Spade.

 (Will:) "This is actually a funny original story. In July 2010, Virgil phoned me in a hurry:  "Will!  You gotta come here! Now!". So I ran up to his place in Paris, thinking something was wrong. He told me to sit down and listen. After what he started dancing about, telling me this dream he had where Joe Strummer told him that he has to make a Rock Opera about this 20 odd year old boy who left his well-off family to find the evergreen plains. But when he got there, the kid realised that the journey was really what counted. Plus the kid was schizophrenic. He told me all the story in details, and finished by " Dude! We gotta make the album!". Thus we began composing straight away, Sacrificed Generation was born this very day. Since then each song is born in Virgil's dream as part of a whole story. We've finished the first album The Journey Of A Modern Tribesman. But we're already composing the next album which is being created the same way, but the story remains a secret as for now."

Who are some of your major influences?

 Each song is composed by Virgil and I, since the story of the song is already written, we need to find the appropriate music genre that is compatible with the atmosphere of the song. Virgil would find some songs on the internet that sound like the kind of stuff he thinks our music should be like. Therefore our influence is nearly unique to each song. However our major influences, I would say, are: Green Day, Kravitz, The Clash obviously, The Raconteurs, you will also a bit of Micheal Franti, Pink Floyd, or even The Beatles, and plenty others that don't come up to mind right now.

What do you hope people take away from your music?

 I really like this question, since our albums are Rock Operas, there's always a story told, and some kind of moral. So we hope that people will listen closely to the story, and maybe see themselves in it. However, I cannot tell you what we want them to understand. This is for them to choose, we are only story tellers. This is so important to us that one of the last songs from JMT was meant to explain everything, the story, and the meaning. But it was crossed out.

Where can people get a hold of your music?

Our music is available nearly anywhere online, from Youtube to Facebook, etc… However the best place to get it is on our website, in the freebies section, since you can download it for FREE. So I encourage anyone to get it, share it, and enjoy it.

Finally, is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

 "We send our thanks to Joe Strummer without whom this album would not have been possible."

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seeking Empire- A Review

 Seeking Empire is an alternative rock band from San Francisco, California. Made up of musicians fro several other bands, Seeking Empire is more of a side project then anything else. Normally, side projects can be rather tedious but Seeking Empire is one of those rare exceptions. They bring a solid mix of upbeat instrumentals and strong vocals which make Seeking Empire a force to be reckoned with.
Seeking Empire

  In late 2011, Seeking Empire released their self-titled, debut album. Encased in its seven songs are captivating melodies that get in your face and grab your attention, not in an annoying way but an effective one. The opening track, “Fairytale”, is a great attention grabber as it draws you in and keeps you there. “Broken” and “Liar Liar” are very catchy and are singer friendly, especially the latter.
 My personal favourite, “Cave In”, really showcases the bands true vocal talent. Couple this with intricate lyrics and you can argue that this song is perhaps the true gem on the album. “Remember the End” has similar characteristics, mainly powerful vocals, however the instrumentals don’t seem to carry as much meaning as they did on “Cave In”. The second to last song on the album, “Deliver Us”, seems to tie the album together nicely by combining the upbeat instrumentals and powerful vocals to create a track that really sums the album up nicely. The album ends with a second version of “Liar Liar”.

  Seeking Empire has all the characteristics of a talented band and can continue to make enjoyable music that people want to hear. Their self-titled, debut album was very well done. It was a solid album worth the seven dollars on iTunes. Consisting of a great creative mix, if Seeking Empire releases more music, it is sure to be very well done and I look forward to it!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Stone Pines- Review

The Stone Pines are a five piece rock/blues band from Vancouver, B.C. Formed in early 2010, The Stone Pines has been busy releasing and recording their unique brand of blues and rock music. The band’s first release, “Goodbye Devil”, a three song album featuring their unique sound. The album begins with “Big Goodbye”, a solid opening track that showcases their unique blend of several different genres. This is followed by “Devil In The Shade”, my personal favourite track. On this song, they seem to truly capture the blues feel and with it, separating themselves from the rest of the pack. The final song “Close Your Eyes” is a solid track that finishes the album off nicely.

The Stone Pines
The Stone Pines have been busy recording their second release, “Landmark”, a nine song album due out on May 20th. Last month the band released two singles from that album, “Wild Child Style” and “Rollin’ Train”. Judging by these two songs you can see that the band has grown and matured yet they have not strayed away from their roots. This album still contains that mix of blues and rock that is so signature of The Stone Pines. “Wild Child Style” is absolutely stunning and is arguably the most solid song the band has released. “Rollin’ Train” is a great song as well, bringing out the rock and roll in the band. The two songs compliment themselves quite nicely and I look forward to hearing the rest of the album.

Considering that they haven’t been around for very long, The Stone Pines has found great success playing at many venues throughout Vancouver including the 2011 Grey Cup Street Festival. Their first full length album, “Landmark” will be released on May 20th and will surely feature some amazing work. I look forward to watching this band continue to grow and can not wait for future releases. The Stone Pines will be around for a long time to come and it would be well worth your time to give them a listen.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Barely Blind- Review

Barely Blind
 Barely Blind is a, to put it in their own words, “fuzzy rock’n’roll” band originally from Port Arthur, Texas. The four-piece group, formed in 2003 has been busy releasing their unique brand of rock/indie/pop punk music upon the world. Their debut EP “The Way We Operate”, released in 2007, was a solid first step in the band’s musical career. Even at this early stage, the trademark sound that is Barely Blind is starting to show through. However, even with this in mind, this album sounds like many others from that time frame. That is not to say that the album wasn’t very good. The vocals mix perfectly with the instrumentals to create a solid pop/punk sound. Standouts from the album include “Crazy”, a picture perfect example of the genre and “97 Called” which captures the essence of the late 90’s and early 2000’s take on pop/punk. Altogether a very well done album.

Barely Blind
  This was followed up with the 2009 release “My Life With A Giant”, a seven song EP. Contained within the album are more polished instrumentals and vocals creating a perfect harmony. The growth of the band is evident through the more mature take on this album. However, you can tell that they have not let go of their past as you can still hear elements from the bands first EP sneaking into this one. The title track, “My Life With A Giant”, sums up all the sounds from the album. Accompanied by “Some Days Are Diamonds” and “Young Love”, this albums core is as solid as a rock. Top it off with the remaining songs and “My Life With A Giant” is a solid second release.

  Their most recent release “Wilder Child Of A Thousand Suns” truly shows how far this band has come. With an ever changing musical landscape, Barely Blind has changed for the better. This album feels as though they have arrived where they were always meant to be. The raw emotion portrayed in this album easily make it their best release to date. It is hard to pinpoint which song truly makes this album as they all help to create a solid listening experience. Some notables on the album include “Silver Lake”, the first song on the album, it draws you in and sets the tone for the rest of the album. “How To Sail The Atlantic Alone” is another great song that helps propel this album to the next level.

  All three of these albums are on iTunes and are well worth the money. I look forward to seeing how this band continues to evolve and grow. “Wilder Child Of A Thousand Suns” will be a hard album to top but I believe that Barely Blind can get it done.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Interview with Green Line Inbound

How did the band members meet?

It's kind of a wild story in terms of how we all met…J(.)(.)$E and Rare Breed were friends since kindergarten, while Husky J, B-Mac, and DJ GBLOK met while in line for their dorm keys the first day of college freshman year. Coincidentally, J(.)(.)$E, Husky J, and B-Mac were dorm roommates. We all became friends from hanging out, and after countless nights of Nintendo 64 binges we realized that we had the proper instrumentation to set up a few jam sessions. After playing together a few times, we decided for formally start a band together and the rest has been history.

Green Line Inbound
How did you decide on a band name?

We decided on the name Green Line Inbound because it's rooted deeply in Boston. Our college, as well as our old Band house were located along the green line in Boston, so Green Line Inbound just kind of stuck.

Who are some of your major influences?

We all come from different musical backgrounds, but share a lot of the same "favorite" artists and influences. We are mainly influenced by the Hip-hop mainstream of the past few decades, with specific artists being Notorious B.I.G., Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Wiz Khalifa, and a couple other oddballs like Lil' Wayne or LMFAO. Other than that, we pretty much enjoy listening to anything that's good.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Most of our inspiration in our own writing comes from the above influences, and we try to bring the elements of that sound to our own music. Over the past couple of years, our sound has evolved and we've sort of "re-formatted" our songs and sound to its current configuration.

What is your favourite song that you have written and why?

All of them! (Haha). Well, it's tough to say that we have one favorite, so the most recent four off of our Mixtape have pretty much been the current favorites. We'll be releasing our own take on a Boston tribute song late this summer with a few special guests on the track, so that just might become our favorite!

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?

Whether they're listening to a recording or seeing us live, we hope that our listeners feed off of the energy that we put out and feel good. We want them to have a good time, and basically just want to make people feel like partying!

Any advice for bands that are just starting out?

Keep on keeping on. There's new things that we're learning every day about being in a band. If you work hard and believe in yourself & your craft, people will notice and have no choice but to take you seriously. Some days you might be playing your biggest show yet, and other days you might be broken down in your van on the side of the Jersey turnpike. All of it is part of the big story, and each band tells their own in time.

Where can people get a hold of your music?

Google us. We're on most social networks (so go and Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter), and have a strong YouTube presence of both Cover & Original songs. You can download all of our tracks for Free off of our website as well!

 Finally, is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

We'd like to shout out to friends, family and fans - thanks for the continued support. Also shootouts to our CA$HFORD crew, our Photo/Video director Steve at, and all of the amazing artists in our local Boston community for creating such an awesome scene to be a part of.

Deer Park Avenue- A Review

 Deer Park Avenue is a pop/rock band based out of Sacramento, California, consisting of two sisters living out their dreams. Playing music from such a young age together has helped unify and solidify their songs thus far. From the instrumentals to the vocals, everything fits together so well. Their music is very catchy and it hooks you in, as any music should.

Deer Park Avenue
 When listening to “City Streets”, the first release from Deer Park Avenue, you can already tell that the chemistry and talent is there to make it big. You can see that their sound is starting to take shape as it lays a solid foundation for which to build upon. Everything that makes them Deer Park Avenue is evident in this record, from the lyrics to the vocals to the instrumentals, everything that is associated with Deer Park Avenue makes an appearance. My personal favourites from the five song EP include “Over Again”, a picture perfect pop/rock song and a staple that sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Rescue Me” is also high on the list due to the emotion expressed in the song. The lyrics to this song are also my favourite.

 “Stop & Go”, the second and most recent release from Deer Park Avenue is a solid follow up album. Building on the foundation of “City Streets”, the instrumentals have become more well rounded and provide more harmony for the vocals. Speaking of vocals, “Stop & Go” is just another example of Deer Park Avenue’s greatest strength. They take nothing away from their debut EP but instead add another step of depth and growth.

 Both of Deer Park Avenue’s albums can be found on iTunes and I highly recommend you give them a listen. Personally, I can’t wait to hear what they come up with next but without a doubt, it is sure to be a solid next step in their musical careers. Bursting with talent, Deer Park Avenue is one of those bands that will be around for a long time to come.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Interview with Vale Of Avalon

How did the band members meet?

 Sam, Michelle and I are die hard Paramore fans. I read on Twitter that Paramore was going to do a signing at a Wal-Mart so we went. We were in line where we met Sam with her acoustic guitar jamming. We started talking and she knew some Paramore covers, so we decided to start playing for the people in line. And everyone said, "you guys are good" so we all decided to start a band together. A year later our drummer left, so Sam's friend introduced her to Kaden. And after jamming with him, we knew his sound is what we were missing. -Richi

How did you decide on a band name?

  Well, we were in need of a new name since our old one could've caused a legal conflict. I was reading a short story about King Arthur at the time and learned about Vale Of Avalon. A real place in England, which according to legend, is the final place where he joined his forefathers. I looked up the meaning and it translates into "the valley of the apples". I fell in love and knew it'd work. We soon learned we had in fact always been Vale Of Avalon.-Michelle

Who are some of your major influences?

 "Blink 182, Angels & Airwaves, Saosin, Pantera, and so many more" -Kaden "Paramore, Confide, Southern Lights, Mumford & Sons. And supporting local music" -Sam "Meg & Dia, LIGHTS, Panic! At The Disco, Flyleaf, Paramore, Regina Spektor"-Michelle "Underoath, Paramore, Flyleaf, Circa Survive, Eyes Set To Kill, Taking Back Sunday, Pierce The Veil. The Killers, Muse, Metric, Mumford & Sons, Falling In Reverse and so many more. That's the best part about music, it's endless" -Richi

What is your favourite part of making music for a living?

 When we started to make music it was only for fun, we never knew our lyrics would touch a lot of people. We're blessed that we have the chance to do what we love to do and perform for everyone and inspire fellow musicians to do what they love.

What do you hope people take away from your music?

 What we hope people take away from our music is our sound, that we don't even know which genre we even are, is a new refreshing sound to the music scene that we're in. We love seeing the faces on kids each night coming up to us after the show and telling us "thank you for your music, the instrumentals are so different."

Which bands would you most like to tour with?

 Pierce The Veil, Eyes Set To Kill, Paramore, Falling In Reverse, Underoath, Circa Survive, and so many more bands that influenced us.

Finally, is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to? God, our families, our best friends, and most of all---our fans, because of you guys we wouldn't be here without you guys.

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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Artist Of The Month (May)- Plastic Smiles

Plastic Smiles is a pop/punk based band based in Chicago, Illinois. In a genre that has been watered down, Plastic Smiles is one of the rare exceptions that stand out. Now, that’s not to say that they haven’t followed the book in terms of the foundation of their music but it’s what they built on top that sets them apart from the rest.

Any way you look at this band, they are a solid group that flows together so well. Their lyrics are heartfelt and easy to relate to. This is a big reason for the success they have found so far. The vocals are reminiscent of several other artists, most notably, Hawthorne Heights. They are a perfect fit for this genre and vocals being as important as they are, this is a crucial part to this bands continued success. Instrumentals in the band are what you would expect from the genre, whiney, upbeat guitars coupled with similar upbeat bass and drums. This is not necessarily a bad thing as pop/punk is almost always based around this.

Released in late 2010, “Deadlines” is a solid debut EP for Plastic Smiles and is worth a listen or two. “The Great White Buffalo” is a solid opening track filled with relatable lyrics, excellent vocals and exceptional instrumentals. This is paired nicely with “HeartAttack”, the lyrics being about similar events. Both “Runaway” and “Rise & Shine” are my favourites on this EP

I was hooked from the first time I listened to Plastic Smiles. A solid debut EP and I can’t wait to see how they build off of it. I believe that this band will be around for a long time to come and I look forward to hearing more from them.

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Listen to “Deadlines”:

Read our interview with Plastic Smiles here:

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Blog Stats II

Welcome to the second edition of 'Blog Stats'. As a bit of a stats freak myself, I feel compelled to share these with you. I hope you enjoy, if there is anything you would like to see added, feel free to leave a comment below.

- Our busiest month (in terms of posts): February 2012, 8 posts.

- Viewer traffic has been steadily increasing as the months go by:

   February: 63 views

   March: 231 views

   April: 255 views

   May (One Day): 85 views

- Top three most viewed posts:

   Interview with “Dark Beauty”: 92 views

   Interview with “My Brother The Doctor”: 65 views

   Interview with “A Story Left Untold”: 52 views

- Out of our 30 posts, 8 of them (26.6%) are interviews.

- Top referring source:, 77 referrals.

- We have received views from over 14 different countries.

- 57.5% of our readership comes from the United States. In second place is Canada with 23.7% of our readership

- 19% of our page views come from mobile devices, including 10% from Android devices.